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Program Details

Program Attributes
  1. Consumer Safety
  2. Merchant Safety
  3. CVV
  4. AVS
  5. Ease of Use
  6. Ability to Process Credits
  7. Secure Transaction Process
  8. Reporting Functions
  9. Unique User Identities for Your Employees
  1. Email Content on Customer Emails
  2. Email Notification Distribution List
  3. Departments
  4. User Access Level is Variable
  5. Password Protected Users
  6. Website Content
  7. Credit Card Closure Procedures
  8. Accounting Level Access
  9. Download to QuickBooks

Consumer Safety

Because they are entering the information themselves, using exact transact gives your customers the assurance that they control their credit card information. When they use exact transact and verify their CVV and AVS specific information, the level of fraud detection increases exponentially. Because we require this level of security, you, as the Merchant should experience a reduction in merchant fees to these transactions.


Merchant Safety

By allowing the customer to handle their own credit card information on their own, your business will be less vulnerable to fraud and theft. Why not let the consumer control their own information?



Card Verification Value is a number assigned by Credit Card issuer to add additional security to the consumer. The CVV number is usually located on the back of the credit card on the signature panel.



Address Verification System is the means that the Credit Card Companies use to validate that the Credit Card number matches the billing street address of the Consumer.


Ease of Use

With the simplicity of its process, the exact transact program allows for the best use of your staffing resources. With only 30 minutes of training, anyone you designate can proficiently manage the remote payment interface for all of your "Off Site" customers.


Ability to Process Credits

Easily process returns for your customers. Full documentation is available for your accounting staff and employees. Employee access to preparing credits is determined by you. Customers receive convenient receipting that is fully branded from your business to document that the return is processed.


Secure Transaction Process

Each transaction passes through the secure payment gateway to the secure payment processor where the credit card authorization takes place. This process takes fractions of seconds and is completely secure. exact transact is housed in a fully redundant data center that requires card key, biometric scanning and escorted access. Hosting is backed with a complete redundant recovery system with 24/7/365 technical support. The physical plant has redundant H. V.A.C. support, including fire suppression and sprinkler systems. The redundant recovery systems have been configured to insure that down time due to equipment failure will never exceed 1 hour. All conditioned power supplies for all devices have uninterrupted power supplies.


Reporting Functions

Reports search by customer, preparer, date and date range, dollar amount, paid status, department, purchase order, invoice number. You set the display criteria and the program displays your results. These reports easily export to an Excel spreadsheet for saving and manipulating your data.


Unique User identities for your employees

You designate who in your organization can have access to the program. Each User has a unique login and password to the program. You also control the level of access each user has to the program. Supervisors and Managers can be given special privileges in the program over other users.


Email content on Customer Emails

Whenever you have customer contact, the message that you communicate should be branded your own, not a "cookie cutter" message. When using exact transact the message sent from the system to your customers is your decision; it can be changed and updated at any time. (Of course we have some great suggestions to get you started!)


Email Notification Distribution List

Once your customers pay online, you need to be able to identify the payment within your business. You determine the names and email addresses of anyone in your business that should be notified every time an invoice is paid. There is no limit to this distribution list.



You name the departments based on your business model. We suggest using your "Financial Statement" income accounts as a guideline. General names, rather than specific names, will help you identify where this income should be recorded in your business. (Sales, Deposits, Installation Charges, Parts, Service, Accounts Receivable just to name a few options)


User Access level is variable

exact transact is a powerful tool for you, the business owner. Upon completion of training and implementation, you create the desired level of access to all your users. Basic access and capabilities to full access and capabilities are a function of the client administrator’s discretion. See Program information for more details.


Password Protected Users

Each User is identified in the program by a unique login and password. Passwords can be reset at any time, but are never given over the phone to anyone. No one from the Help Desk or Tech Support will ever ask your users for their password. Anyone calling and asking you for your password is most likely trying to gain unauthorized access to our network. If you receive such a call, notify your supervisor immediately.


Website Content

You determine the location of your "pay online" page on your website. We interface with your website provider to get your "pay online" link added to your webpage.


Credit Card Closure Procedures

Once you get paid online, the batching and accounting for your income is documented for your staffing procedures.


Accounting Level Access

You can set your accounting staff to have access to the program over all your managers and other staff. This way they can get all the information that they need to complete your batching and posting requirements.


Download to QuickBooks

Batching reports can be downloaded into your QuickBooks program directly from the Payment Gateway.



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