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Accepting credit card payments from your website

getting started

The exact transact Implementation Team will Guide you Through the Entire Installation Process

To set up credit or debit card payments through your web site, you will need to establish an Internet Merchant Account (IMA). We will provide the gateway, set up the payment page and work with your merchant service provider to ensure that payments end up in the right account.

Internet Merchant Account

The Internet merchant account uniquely functions from any existing merchant account you may have for processing credit cards from your facility. A separate account is required from almost all Merchant Banks due to the change in rates from a person to person transaction (credit card swipe) and a card not present transaction similar to a phone transaction. Typically the rate for Internet transactions is the same as "card not present" transactions, and may be grouped into your MOTO account (mail order telephone order)

What if I Already Have an Existing Bank Relationship?

If you already have a merchant bank account, check with your bank provider to verify that your current account will accept Internet or "card not present" transactions. This may be an opportunity to renegotiate your rates or consider another credit card merchant account provider. All merchant account providers are not equal. Internet card rates and services vary with provider. Typically the merchant providers that concentrate on Internet support will provide the most services and better rates. Please let us know if you'd like some recommendations on Merchant Service Providers. Otherwise, we’re happy to work with your existing provider.

What is a Payment Gateway?

Federal regulations require that in order for any business to conduct payment transactions via the Internet, a payment gateway must used. The Payment Gateway Account is the online credit card transaction handler which is capable of hooking the credit card accounts belonging to your online shopper with your Internet Merchant account (IMA). The gateway allows the two entities to communicate and transfer funds. We include the payment gateway with exact transact. Payment gateways also provide an additional layer of fraud protection.

Payment Page

Your company will need a place on the Internet to direct your customers to pay. This is commonly referred to as the payment page. There are specific guidelines that are required by your Merchant Service Provider that will be required for you to secure an Internet Merchant Account. The exact transact program comes with your payment page. We help direct your web hosting service to initiate the pages that will be required for your site.


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