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Professional Customer Support

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Once the installation of your system is complete, a rigorous testing procedure validates the entire payment and receipting process to ensure the accuracy of all the systems functions. Upon completion, our training and implementation team sets up your training session.

Preliminary Training

All employees in your business are encouraged to participate in a 30 – 40 minute online personalized training session. All features and functions of the transaction process are reviewed until your staff is comfortable with the process. Complete "back end" Merchant interfaces and "front end" customer interfaces are a part of the regular curriculum. At the completion of training your online payment system is ready to go live.

Systematic and regular follow up with key staff is a part of our regular support program.

Help Files

Complete Help File System is available to all users of the program via the program "Help" section. Step by Step flash files document and instruct on each phase of the program. Also found in the "Help Suite" are frequently asked questions, printable instructions list, chat with the support staff and help tickets.

Program Changes

We frequently make enhancements to the program. Some of these changes are "behind the scenes" things that we do to improve the structure of the program. When we make system changes, we notify all users with a Support Bulletin and "how to" instructions. With all upgrades we also schedule online sessions reviewing the upgrades and how they affect the program, your users and your customers, as necessary.

Recurring Training

Regularly scheduled training is available on a monthly basis. Login information for these training sessions is available at your initial training or through contacting the support team.


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